About The Lodge of Restoration

Our Worshipful Master, W. Bro Bryan Yeubrey, welcomes you to our website.

The Lodge of Restoration was founded by its members specifically to explore, at a much deeper level, the allegory and symbolism within the ritual and what it might mean for each of us in our personal journey of self-development and, in turn, what this means in terms of the moral and spiritual values Freemasonry is concerned with.

When a new Lodge is opened or “founded”, a special ceremony is held to celebrate the event; this ceremony is referred to as a “consecration”, thus the Lodge of Restoration was consecrated on 26th November 2016, under a warrant from the United Grand Lodge of England.

The members responsible for opening the new lodge are referred to as “founders”. Each founder will already be a Freemason and thus already a member of a Lodge, so why would they want to found a new Lodge?

Every lodge has its own particular “flavour”, with each group of founders having their own reasons for wanting to set up a new Lodge. We need to remember that some Lodges are hundreds of years old and have very long histories. In times past, when transport was less available and travelling more difficult, many Lodges were founded simply so that Freemasons could have a Lodge in their home town. Nowadays, this is less of an issue and Lodges are more likely to be formed with a particular “theme” in mind, with members sharing an existing hobby, being in the same profession or having gone to the same school or university, being just a few examples.

If the theme we have outlined for this Lodge sounds like it might be of interest to you, we recommend viewing the following pages of our site and whilst both are of relevance, “Visiting our Lodge” has been written primarily for those who are already Freemasons, whereas “Becoming a Freemason” has been written for those interested in becoming a Freemason and who want to know more.

Our regular Lodge meetings are held every 3rd Wednesday in January, April, June and September; our Lodge of Instruction meetings are held every 3rd Thursday in February and 3rd Wednesday in May, August and November. All our meetings commence at 19:30 and are held at:

Northfield Masonic Centre,
641, Bristol Road South,
Birmingham, B31 2JS

Elsewhere on our site, we hope to keep our members and visitors up to date with our Masonic and social activities, give non-members an opportunity to see what we are doing in the local community and provide them with further information about Freemasonry and its activities in general.

Please look at our "News" and "Events" pages for the very latest information on The Lodge of Restoration.

Finally, if you wish to contact us for any reason please use our "Contact Us" page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.